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Media Monitoring and Media Analysis Services

The media monitoring company you choose should do more than providing you with a wad of clips. PRNet's refined, accurate and comprehensive services includes everything you need to reach and analyse your media coverage.

PRNet, equipped with the first and most developed media monitoring system in Turkey, employs state-of-the-art technology to offer timely and refined digital media monitoring services for its clients.

PRNet services help a company protect and develop the advantages it has, in issues explained below.

 To control the messages better.
 To be able to convey the resources
correctly and strategically.
 To leave competition behind.
 To identify objectives that are within reach.
 To develop an effective brand positioning.
 To better understand and influence the target audience.
 To accelerate feedback.
 To develop communication strategies.

In order to be successful in media relationships, you have to be in contact with the right journalist at the right time.

PRNet's service, Press Room, is being periodically updated. Press Room is the most updated and user friendly database of media professionals.

Media analysis indicate to what extent and in what manner corporations should appear in the media. It evaluates the findings by comparing them to those of the competitors.

Media analysis is an indispensable tool for the communication strategists who are striving to establish or maintain a corporate reputation.

PRNet carries out media analysis reports at standards set forth by the leading media analysis companies in the world, using a successfully localized method.

Expert news editors of PRNet read the news you are interested in among hundreds of clips every morning and prepare your corporate communication bulletin including important news about your company, competitors and sector.
Bulletins, supported by visual materials, are prepared in a format suitable for your corporate identity and can be shared inside and outside the company without a need for any other customization.

Now it’s time for you to use your web site in order to share your press coverage with your target audience. Advanced media monitoring technology of PRNet makes it possible for you to complete this troublesome work in a few seconds.

The news we find among thousands of resources on a daily basis simply and rapidly transferred to your web site or your special intranet interface in a format that can be searched and shared.

10 Good Reasons to Work with PRNet

 The only company in the industry that holds IS0 quality certification.

 State-of-the-art software
sold abroad.

 Definite choice of leading companies.

 24/7 news monitoring.

 Easy and flexible news management.
 The only company in the industry that has
TÜBİTAK accreditation

 The widest source list on Media Monitoring.

 Service range with the highest added value.

 Special media monitoring solutions for

 Service quality on international standards.